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Susan Packard: Early Life, Business and the Rules of Business Play

An author and a business woman, Susan Packard is a member of the original team at Home Box office and she is the co-founder of the channel, HGTV alongside other network channels based on scripts. She is most popular for the book, New Rule of the Game: 10 Strategies of Women in the Workplace. This is an article about Susan Packard, short bio and her establishments in the world of business and art. Susan Packard

Born in Detroit, she would work during the summer in her father’s express mailing company and she moved on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in advertising at Michigan State University. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in the same field in the same college by 1979. With the first industrial engagement would be at Burke Marketing Research Institute of Cincinnati. With the sales department at Home Box Office, Packard begins her career with the cable business by 1980 where she soon attains the position of regional manager in the docket of distribution as well as being the Los Angeles market director of the HBO cable network.

Packard would go up the scale of business and cable networks and in 1988 she assisted at NBC to come up with the networks cable aspects. She would latter come up to be a co-founder of HGTV where till the year 2000 at E.W scripts, she was the chief operations officer. She was also a co-founder of Script Network, Fine Living Network and DIY networks. Alongside horseracing businesses, Packard is one of the first women to be in the board of Churchill Downs, Inc. and also owns Kentucky Derby.

The work she is popular for, New Rules of the Game of 2015 that majorly applies the gamesmanship to apply to women in their respective careers. Key perspectives of the book includes competitiveness, teamwork, creativity, optimism as well as focus while the author applies personal anecdotes that features her widely scoped career. Susan Packard is recognized by an induction to the cable Hall of fame of the 2008 among other awards such as the woman in cable and telecommunications woman of the year award, YWCA award as well as the award for Distinguished Community Services, E.W. Scripps William R. Burleigh Recognition. Moreover, the fame of Susan Packard is mostly on her book and she focus on parties in the perspective of sports to aid in the understanding of her concept of gamesmanship ideas.